DPS Certified Security Academy Instructor
Certified as a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Level III
Texas Private Security Classroom instructor as well as
Firearms and Personal Protection Instructor. (Level IV)
Additional Certifications in Martial Arts, Personal Safety and
Active Shooter Education.
CDT® Personal Defense Training
CDT® - Compliance, Direction & Takedown offers the
world's premier Liability Conscious, Personal Protection
Programs. There are many courses available that
address family safety and personal safety. Courses are
also available for Law Enforcement & Security Personnel.
Training For Life®
Training for Life is the ultimate personal protection course
based on self -escape techniques for men and women of
all ages. The course is tailored to everyday people, with
techniques you can learn and adopt regardless of your
age, size or gender..
A course designed specifically for women through the eyes
of a aggressive lover or potential rapist. This course
focuses on ground techniques that give a woman an
opportunity to escape when they are in a compromising  or
forced position. RAPE FREE is a follow-up to the Training
For Life course which is based on a stand-up, self-escape