Authorized Conceal Carry Instructor approved by the Illinois
State Police. Certified for the 16/8/3 hour courses. For more
information, see the Illinois State Police website at
CDT® Personal Defense Training
CDT® - Compliance, Direction & Takedown offers the
world's premier Liability Conscious, Personal Protection
Programs. There are many courses available that
address family safety and personal safety. Courses are
also available for Law Enforcement & Security Personnel.
Training For Life®
Training for Life is the ultimate personal protection course
based on self -escape techniques for men and women of
all ages. The course is tailored to everyday people, with
techniques you can learn and adopt regardless of your
age, size or gender..
A course designed specifically for women through the eyes
of a aggressive lover or potential rapist. This course
focuses on ground techniques that give a woman an
opportunity to escape when they are in a compromising  or
forced position. RAPE FREE is a follow-up to the Training
For Life course which is based on a stand-up, self-escape