"Even the most uncoordinated person who is not very physical can find this class
extremely beneficial. Anyone can apply the techniques easily."

Linda, 8th grade teacher

"Mr. Paul did a great job in showing me some practical moves to protect myself.
He showed a variety of situations and many options to use when in a dangerous
situation. I appreciate all of the tips he gave me to try to avoid a bad situation as
well. I recommend this for everyone!"

Wendy, 8th grade teacher

"Thank you for instructing the Co-ed self defense class. I really enjoyed the class.
It was fun and informative. I hope I am never in that situation but feel more
confident in my ability to assess the situation and react as needed."

Pam, health club administration staff

"I have always felt confident that I could out fight or out run any dangerous
conflict. Cliff and his program have broadened my thinking by providing new
insights and new skills for dealing with aggressive individuals. I would highly
recommend the course since it not only provides excellent defensive skills, but
also addresses the need to react with a measured and legal response to the

Pete, School Administrator

I was so impressed with Cliff's ability to describe, demonstrate and train me and
my family in techniques that have provided us with tools to enhance our personal
safety. The techniques are very effective, available for everyone to use despite
size or gender, and give a sense of empowerment that one is capable of
defending oneself if the situation does not resolve through the use of words. I
highly recommend his training.

Liz, RN, Counselor

I just wanted to thank you for teaching the Girl Scouts and moms the Self-Defense
Course yesterday afternoon. We were very impressed with the training we
received. The things you taught us were very empowering!

I will highly recommend your course to the other Girl Scout leaders at our school.
Your sons were wonderful and such good sports, please thank them as well.

Beth, Girl Scout Mom/Leader

Au Pair News,

This evening several of my Au Pairs were part of a significantly large group of
women who learned various techniques on how to protect themselves if they find
themselves in a situation where someone is trying to inflict harm on them.

The Women’s Self Defense Seminar was held at the Northshore Academy of
Martial Arts in Libertyville. Marc Halleck the owner and several of his instructors  
let the women practice their new self defense techniques taught to them by Cliff
Paul, a certified Tactical Master Instructor with CDT® Personal Protection Training.

The techniques that Cliff trained the women on gave them the confidence to be
their own best defense when something or someone goes wrong.

Thanks Cliff, Marc, and the instructors of the Northshore Academy!!!

Karen, Local Childcare Coordinator

I would like to thank you for the wonderful self-defense class that you gave my 8th
grade Girl Scouts. It was just enough information for them to learn life saving
moves without being overwhelmed. Having each girl actually perform the self-
defense move was a great way to build their self confidence in their abilities to
protect themselves.

Your good nature and personality put the girls at ease with such a serious
subject.  I am thrilled that now these girls are armed with life saving knowledge
and experience that they will hopefully never have to use. I will definitely
recommend to the other leaders that all of the girls in our troops should take this
class before they graduate.

Thanks again!



Thank you so much for teaching our Girl Scouts how to be safe. You are a very
gifted self-defense trainer. Our girls learned great self-defense techniques that
they can use the rest of their lives. You even know how to make learning self-
defense fun!

Gail, Girl Scout Mom/Leader

I thought it was awesome! And enjoyed every bit of the class! Especially learning
that it doesn't take much force to direct an attacker away to give you enough
space to get away! and RUN! I felt really good when I walked out of there!
Confident again!

I definitely want to join your other classes! And will get some of the other ladies

Belinda, Local Au Pair

Cliff! The self defense class was very helpful in that I learned tons of different
techniques in a short period of time that could potentially save my life in a
threatening situation and that I would never have learned otherwise.

Maddie, College student

Hi Cliff,

I am so glad you had a blast…so did we! You really made an impact on our girls
and we would love to partner with you in some way in the future.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and positive energy with our girls. The
skills you showed them may very well save their lives some day.

Talk with you soon,


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